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FAI held its 111th General Conference this autumn. The event took place in Switzerland, Lausanne between 22nd and 28th of October. The conference welcomed many guests from various parts of the world, including honourable patrons, delegates, sponsors and associates. The aim of the conference was to bring together the people involved in the air sports and its development.

At FAI General Conference Max Polyakov was acknowledget as Companion of Honour

How the Event Went

It was a seven-day conference and all the days were properly orchestrated. Guests could participate in: 

  • FAI discussions and workshops
  • Mainstream discussions
  • Executive board gatherings
  • Social activities
  • Award ceremony

The atmosphere at the workshops and at general gatherings boosted the discussion of following crucial topics:

  • Influence of air sports technology
  • Recent inventions
  • Anti-doping measures
  • Drone invasion     

There were several speakers including Magdi El Derini (the Egyptian Deputy Ambassador from Switzerland) and Erich Wolf (Red Bull Air Race official).

Max Polyakov and Noosphere Ventures also had a representative -Yuriy Letser. He held a speech about a new invention known as eNavigator (the “e” implies electronics and event). The gadget has various functions required for hosting and managing sports events, including:

  • Creating a website
  • Scheduling    
  • Communicating
  • Tracking the results of athletes

When the discussions came to an end, the conference moved to voting and successive decision making. It was concluded that the first Globe Drone Racing contest will take place in November 2018. This contest will take place in China (Shenzhen). The 113th FAI conference will be planned in 2019 at Marrakech in Morocco.

The Award Ceremony

The conference did not end without the award ceremony, which was highly anticipated. This was the most special session for Max Polyakov and other guests who were nominated for awards.

During the ceremony, Max Polyakov was awarded the FAI Companion of Honour by Frits Brink (FAI president). This award is granted for outstanding service offered to FAI. Accepting the award, Max Polyakov mentioned that he is grateful for recognition of  Noosphere’s contribution towards air sports development. FAI and Noosphere have been working together for four years now and this year, Noosphere became FAI’s Global Technical Partner and participated in several events such as the student hackathon.

From now on  Max Polyakov may participate in the yearly private General Conference. This is a good opportunity to work closely with other delegates and make connections with world’s air sports leaders. Additionally, Max Polyakov will have a chance to be elected to the “FAI Awards Advisory Group”.

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